Karma Revero GT

Karma introduced 3 new models in Shanghai. The updated version of the Karma Revero, the 2020 Revero GT has a completely new hybrid 528 hp electric drive system that uses the new BMW TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder engine as a range boost. It also has a larger 28 kWh lithium-ion battery that allows you to drive a vehicle with electric drive for 128 km. In 2020, it will go on sale in Europe and the Middle East and in 2021 in China.

Next is the Karma Pininfarina GT Coupe. Designed by the Italian Pininfarina, the Pininfarina GT Coupe has a two-door body on the same platform and the same engine as the 2020 Revero GT. Karma claims to introduce the Pininfarina GT Coupe to production, if there is interest in Revero GT. Pininfarina will build this car in its specialist production plant in Italy.

Karma SC1 Vision. Unlike the Revero GT and Pininfarina GT Coupe, the SC1 Vision is fully electric. However, this is only a concept for the moment and is aimed at attracting interest to the EV market.

In the statement, General Director of Karma, Dr. Lance Zhou, said that these three concepts represent the direction Karma is heading. “In conclusion, our big three in Shanghai show what Karma is today, what Karma can be tomorrow and where Karma is going to be in future”

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